30 1 / 2012

Pimp Our Sign! (contest ends midnight 2/6!!)

We’ve gotten some flack recently for the weak Uber representation in our window. We have some killer real rstate at our home in The Coop, and it’s definitely time for a window upgrade.

Think you can do us better? Pimp Our Sign with the funniest, or most innovative, or just most appealing quote, and we’ll give you $50 in Uber credits. We’ll even do you one better, since it’s your campaign, we will put your promotion code ON THE SIGN! Any sign-up’s you drive Uber.. you get $10 of credit. That’s basically Free Uber for life.. which I’d say is a win. 

                         Submit your Sign Idea and Contest Entry Here!


Don’t forget, everyone has the ability to spam invite your friends through Uber’s Referral Program! Go to Uber.com to find your promo code and invite link that you can email out, post on Facebook, or tattoo on your forehead (whatever works!).

22 12 / 2011

Want a Free Uber Limo on New Years?


We know, taxis on New Years are non-existent. Zilch. None. Nada. Either everyone in the city is partying, or taxi drivers go into hibernation, but the facts are there.  Uber is the perfect New Year’s Eve solution. To take it a step further, how about a FREE UBER LIMO !?

NYE Contest
For every client that RIDES Uber between now & 5pm on 12/30, you’ll receive an entry into our NYE 2012 contest. The winner will receive a free Uber Limo ride on NYE.

Limos Roaming
Don’t worry, everyone has an opportunity to cop an Uber Limo and party like its 1999. Just make your usual request, and there’s a chance an Uber Limo pulls up. If it does, bring a few drinks, and load up your friends. You’ll be the NYE MVP.

So it’s like this. Ride Uber over the next few days, and you could dominate NYE Night!

New Year’s Pro Advice

  • Request about 15-20 minutes before you need a ride.
  • No Ubers available, no Ubers close? Give it 5 minutes as new cars are always opening up.
  • Worried about pick-up location? Give your driver a call to ensure they land at the right spot.
  • Wait inside! We’ll alert you when the Uber arrives. You don’t have to freeze this New Years, we got you!

Fine Print:

  • Ride must begin before 9pm on 12/31 in downtown Chicago
  • Value can not exceed $75
  • Limo can hold up to 10 people